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Because we are human after all. Jason Collins at Evolving Economics, in response to my post about one economist’s misunderstanding of biology, asks a very good question: On the flip side, did Dawkins or Gould (or their respective supporters) ever concede to the other side that they were wrong and substantially change their world view?…

Again. ScienceBlogling razib discusses some noises various biologists are making about levels of selection (I’ve touched on this topic before in the context of group selection). Sweet Baby Intelligent Designer, save us from this madness.

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has posted of all of the articles from In the light of evolution I: Adaptation and complex design . It looks pretty interesting. And it’s free! I can’t wait to see how the creationists bollox this up…

Chickens and Group Selection

A while ago, Bora referred to a short article about David Sloan Wilson, whose research program examines group selection (among other things). Any discussion of group selection is almost always contentious, largely because there is a fundamental confusion (or conflation) of two different phenomena: the evolution of groups and selection among groups (i.e., group selection).