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You might have heard that last weekend, Netroots Nation, a progressive organization, had its annual convention. Oddly, Right Online, a conservative organization, also its annual meeting–in the same hotel. So two Netroots Nation attendees decided to go undercover. Needless to say, comedy ensues. Here’s a taste: I give Elon a once over. He could not…

Last week, Yves Smith at Naked Capitalism posted a satirical letter by ‘Outis Philalithopoulos’ (Outis means ‘nobody’ in Greek) about another problem facing the economics profession–corruption of its practioners. Outis/Yves writes (italics mine): Soon after receiving tenure, it occurred to me that we were being profoundly inconsistent. While we had correctly criticized the previous mainstream…

In a very interesting post about political power and economic equality, William Hogeland recounts some uncivil exchanges between Thomas Paine and John Adams: Here’s John Adams on Thomas Paine’s famous 1776 pamphlet “Common Sense”: “What a poor, ignorant, malicious, short-sighted, crapulous mass.” Then comes Paine on Adams: “John was not born for immortality.”

I Endorse the No Depositor Left Behind Act

Ok, so it’s not real. But this is an awesome proposal and post by a teacher: I have used a bank many times. I have a checking account and a savings account (although I do admit I haven’t added anything to my savings account for the past fifteen years since my pay has been frozen.)…

Lest there be any doubt that I’m not as nuts in real life as I am on the blog, here’s a slide I used yesterday during a full-blown fancy-schmancy professional talk: Just saying. For context, read this post (IT HAZ SCIENTISMZ!!).

I appreciate the value of optimistic weather forecasters, as opposed to the usual doom-and-gloom types, but this seems a little too far in the other direction: Look at the bottom right: who plays golf in this weather? I don’t think even Scotsmen are that crazy…

Some Music for You

I sound like this: I have no idea what’s going through this dog’s mind. Likes singing, I guess.

Not to pick on anyone, but this is what I go through with far too many projects: “My grant is due tomorrow. I just need to know….” And: “I can put you on my grant for a 0.5% FTE…”

The Anthropology of Subway Riders

Over at The Urban Ethnographer, we find this superb post about riding the subway that will be familiar to anyone who does so on a regular basis. What I love is the taxonomy of riders, including the “packers”: People carry large bulky items with them. In all fairness, though, packers need to be distinguished from…

Zombie Banks Are Still a Problem

(from here) Now, by ‘zombie bank‘, you probably think I’m referring to banks that have more liabilities than assets, and are basically waiting for the plug to be pulled. Nope. At this point, the only rational explanation for many banks’ behavior is that they have actually been taken over by zombies. Consider the following: