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I’m surprised that this revelation by Democratic Congressman David Obey hasn’t received more attention. Basically, the House Democrats went to the wall for education and managed to get $10 billion to prevent teacher layoffs and an additional $5 billion for Pell Grants. To do so, they had to cut Obama’s educational ‘reform’ program, Race to…

Happy Thanksgiving

Remember that it is far better to eat turkey than to be eaten by them… On a more serious note, if you have enough to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, consider giving to your local food bank. If you’re in the Boston area, these people do good work.

In the midst of all of the hoopla surrounding Republican VP nominee and full-blown bugshit insane lunatic, Sarah Palin, I think it’s worth noting that Obama’s candidacy is also historic for another reason:

How Do You Oppose Meals-on-Wheels?

Remember Conservative Ideologues: You drink his blood after you molest him. It’s more fun that way* I would like to think certain things transcend political, religious, and ideological divides. One might think that Meals-on-Wheels, a program that relies heavily on donations, discounts, and volunteers to bring meals to elderly shut-ins would be liked by all.…

One Meaning of Martin Luther King Day

You’ll hear a lot today about Martin Luther King and race. But what you won’t hear nearly as much about, particularly from conservatives, is his views on economic justice. I think that his views on race were inseparable from his economic views which were based on a universal call for justice and equality for all.…

I’m Hungry

Have you ever been really, really hungry? Well, this python certainly was.

For you younguns, in the 80s, the USDA decided to define ketchup as a serving of vegetables so it could skimp on subsidized meals for needy schoolchildren. Well, the USDA has decided to stop using the word “hunger” and replace it with “very low food security.” Here’s some statistics on “very low food security”: