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Part of the discussion surrounding the elimination of Osama bin Laden has taken a somewhat ghoulish turn: what does it mean for Obama‘s re–election chances? While I’m more of a zombies-eat-brains! type of guy, I’m certainly willing to be ghoulish, especially when it gives me the chance to discuss some interesting political science. A couple…

After reading these two posts by ScienceBlogling Sheril (and the many comments) about scientific literacy, I suppose I’m in the minority about what scientific literacy. Unlike most of the commenters, I think scientific literacy revolves primarily around a core set of knowledge, and not ‘critical thinking skills.’ More importantly, to combat anti-science, facts are vital.

Over at Angry Bear, there’s a good list of suggestions, generated by one of the readers, of how non-scientists can assess claims made about global warming. I agree with most of them, except for the first one: