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So I was at the ASM meeting last week, and one of the talks I heard was by Kim Ware about Clostridium difficile infection control: how one hospital learned to contain and prevent outbreaks (Note: these are from my notes; I haven’t downloaded the presentation yet). C. difficile is a bacterium that causes diarrhea and…

WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!…And Clean Your Stuff

No, not that stuff (well, actually, yes, that stuff too, but I definitely don’t want to know about it). One of the important tools in fighting infectious disease is disinfecting surfaces. Which brings me to a recent paper about cruise ships and cleanliness. In June 2006, 43 norovirus outbreaks occurred on thirteen vessels. Noroviruses can…

A couple days ago, while waiting for the T, a guy about ten feet away sneezed several times without even attempting to cover his face; he didn’t even make a ‘matador’, bullshit fake effort. Because of the angle of the light and what not, I could easily see the massive spray of mucus flying out…

Bush Is Restoring Dignity to the White House

Here’s an image that is…unsettling:

Commenting on John Edwards, Joe Klein makes two excellent points:

“Grope Patrol Effective”

This is why you should read local weeklies. From the Back Bay Sun:

No, that’s accurate:

Yes, it’s LOLStaphylococcus. They don’t call me the Mad Biologist for nuthin’ A colleague of mind sent along this paper, “Nose Picking and Nasal Carriage of Staphylococcus aureus“:

The War on Menstruation

In some wickedly funny satire, Amanda Marcotte shows us how to create an anti-menstruation movement:

We’re getting worse at washing our hands according to the Baltimore Sun. One thing I’ve said many times before, but it bears repeating: the best way to avoid getting sick is to limit contact with someone else who is sick. While that sounds obvious, one very good way to do that is handwashing. Handwashing breaks…