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Superman Is a Librul!?!?

He was in 1952, anyway. By way of Oliver Willis, from Glenn Hauman:

Reconquista! The Best 300 Parody EVAH!

By way of Dave Neiwert comes this hysterical mash up of the movie 300 and the anti-immigrant right:

…and the Mad Biologist attempts to give a serious answer. In response to this post about adopting a French-like healthcare system, a reader writes:

I’m not the only one bothered by Mudcat Saunders’ article about the Metropolitan Opera Wing of the Democratic Party; maha is too. That post is worth a read, but at the end of the post she makes a very good point about preserving culture (italics mine):

So asks Oliver Willis about the Republican base:

So Lou Dobbs has been making ludicrous statements about leprosy and illegal immigrants, claiming that 7,000 cases have happened in the last few years as a result of illegal immigration. The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote Dobbs a letter:

What’s shocking is the utter silence from the White House about the immigration story unfolding in Chicago. Remember, this is the same administration that interrupted the president’s vacation for the Terry Schiavo incident. So when it really matters politically the White House is willing to move. But they’ve remained mysteriously quiet on this.