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Let me count the ways. Actually, Greg Mitchell has done that for us. Here’s a couple for you:

If you’re like most sentient humans, you don’t care whom the NY Times editorial board decided to endorse for president. But the ‘logic’ behind the endorsement of Clinton is revealing. The Mandarin Class still doesn’t get it. About Clinton’s foreign policy experience, the Times editors write:

I don’t want “hope”, I want good policies, politics, and results. Obama demonstrates exactly how not to argue against Republican militarism. From Ezra Klein:

According to Richard Stengel, the managing editor of Time magazine, Time will run with a story claiming that twenty percent of Iraq War veterans have suffered brain trauma–that’s 250,000 people:

A Case Study in Pundit Over-Analysis

Here’s one example, unintentionally brought to you by NY Times columnist Frank Rich, of how writing political narratives instead of discussing data leads to unsupported conclusions (italics mine):

…doesn’t invalidate the person making the prediction. Nouriel Roubini, who correctly predicted that the housing market would crater in 2007 has decided to make his critics eat crow (yes, there’s some dense economics here, but wait until the end–there’s a point to this madness):

Christian Conscientious Objectors

Get ready for some more conservative cognitive dissonance: man finds Jesus and comes to believe that the occupation of Iraq is immoral:

No Doubt They’re Phony Soldiers Too

Twelve Army captains who served in Iraq conclude the following:

What’s one more criminal in the mix, anyway? So what if a government contractor supplied weapons to Liberia’s Charles Taylor and the Taliban (italics mine):

Right-Wing Militarists Beat Father of Marine

If “Gathering of Eagles” needs a new emblem, this one is currently available At the recent anti-war protest in Washington D.C., a pro-war group known as “Gathering of Eagles” assaulted Carlos Arredondo, a father of a Marine killed in Iraq: