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Quote of the Day: The Surge Edition

Because it’s never too late to have lots of surgetastic goodness. From Rising Hegemon:

Iraq, Guilt, and Counter-Intuitive Polling

Over at Open Left, Chris Bowers describes what he calls counter-intuitive polling on Iraq. Basically, people are less likely to say that want to leave Iraq the worse they think the situation is. But this isn’t surprising or counter-intuitive at all: it’s called guilt.

This quote from Fred Kaplan’s Slate article has left me gobsmacked:

The Statistics of the Surge

Over at Hullabaloo, Tristero is confused by Michael Gordon’s claim that the surge has lowered the violence in Iraq:

Democratic Voters: We Have Met the Enemy and…

…he is us. Over at Open Left, Chris Bowers relates the results of some polling. Democratic voters were asked the following question:

Iraq: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

General Petraeus is bringing new meaning to the phrase ‘head count‘:

Anne Kornblut, F-ck You

Glenn Greenwald catches Washington Post political ‘reporter’ Anne Kornblut impugning the patriotism of millions of Democrats:

Yes, I’m kidding. But there’s a new poll which should make every Republican political operative and politician terrified. From Strategic Vision, a Republican polling firm:

Brought to you by Glenn Greenwald:

Yes, I’ve cribbed the title from Chris Hedges’ superb, must-read book, War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning. But Josh Marshall stumbles across a great insight about the Iraq War and Occupation, but doesn’t quite carry through all the way. So the Mad Biologist will. Marshall writes about President Bush (italics mine):