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May Everyone Be…

..inscribed in the Book of Life. And if you’re fasting for Yom Kippur, have an easy fast. (no, we don’t really think God is up there, deciding whether or not to write our names in the Book of Life. It’s a metaphor)

A recent post about the idiocy in Fairfax County regarding a student who was expelled for two weeks because she took birth control pills during school received some great comments. But as you might expect, with enough comments, one of the ‘contraception is abortion’ morons showed up (can’t you morons leave me alone during my…

Shouldn’t That Be Judeo-Christian Salt?

In Colorado, someone is very bothered by the idea of kosher salt:

If you thought this post was about is more wrong, the Israelis or the Palestinians, you’ve come to the wrong place. What I want to talk about is something that, in the early 1980s, I called Reaganite Judaism.

If you thought Obama’s minister was a piece of work, get a load of Palin’s church (italics mine):

A recent poll breaks down the support for McCain and Obama among Jews by denomination:

Israel’s ‘America Problem’….

…or more accurately, Israel’s ‘self-appointed leadership of the American Jewish community’ problem. From Jeffrey Goldberg (italics mine):

Last week, Daniel Kurtzer, former U.S. Ambassador to Israel from 2001-2005, came out in support of Sen. Obama. In light of the Republican propaganda about how Obama would be ‘anti-Israel’ or some other hooey, it’s worth noting why Kurtzer supports Obama (italics mine):

Darksyde rightly skewers Ben Stein and his creationist fellow travellers for claiming that evolutionary biology led to the Holocaust:

Saturday Sermon: How We Create Amalek

In Judaism, one of the enduring symbols is Amalek, a tribe whose deceitful ambush has come to symbolize an enemy to whom one can’t afford to demonstrate mercy. Gershom Gorenberg relates an interesting twist on the Amalek story that changes the call to hate the other to a call for moral responsibility for the other: