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A recent poll breaks down the support for McCain and Obama among Jews by denomination:

And some Republicans wonder why most Jews don’t vote Republican. Well, conservative talk radio is one answer. Here’s what conservative talk radio host Mike Rosen has to say:

Yum. Theological conservative tastes GOOOODDD! Full disclosure: I have never bought into the belief of the Compulsive Centrists that John McCain is a moderate. A detailed look at his voting record shows that he is often very conservative, with the occasional moment of lucidity (e.g., recognizing that global warming is actually happening). But it is…

The frustration of the soldiers in Afghanistan must have just ‘surged’. Why? Because, as part of the Bush-McCain surge, soldiers in Afghanistan will be withdrawn and sent to Iraq just in time for a Taliban offensive:

McCain and the Straight Bullshit Express

Snuggles McCain demonstrating his vaunted ‘independence’ It seems more and more people are finally paying close attention to Mitt Romney and John McCain. While I’ve talked about Romney’s idiocy before, The Boston Phoenix did a great job of skewering McCain, so I’ll turn it over to them: