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One of the most important things in public health is surveillance. While it’s not sexy, you can’t solve health problems if you don’t have good data. Recently, many professional societies sent a joint letter to several representatives asking their support for the National Integrated Public Health Surveillance Systems and Reportable Conditions Act which will be…

One piece of infection control legislation moving (slowly) through Congress is the Healthy Hospitals Act, H.R. 1174 (it’s so slow that it’s, erm, an act of 2007). H.R. 1174 would amend “the Social Security Act to require public reporting of health care-associated infections data by hospitals and ambulatory surgical centers and to permit the Secretary…

New Feature: Irregular ID Legislative Roundup

There’s quite a few infectious disease-related legislative proposals floating around Congress, so I’m going to start previewing them. I’ll start with an easy one: H.R. 766, which calls for a National Infection Prevention Week (pdf here).