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Paul Krugman Is Very Shrill

As a fellow card–carrying member of the Ancient, Holy and High Hermeneutic Order of the Shrill, I mean that as a compliment: There aren’t many positive aspects to the looming possibility of a U.S. debt default. But there has been, I have to admit, an element of comic relief — of the black-humor variety —…

Saturday Sermon: Post-9/11 Panic Syndrome

A while ago, I mentioned that I like the idea of keeping Sheila Bair on because she didn’t panic like a ninny, unlike most of the other Bushies–who panicked like ninnies about everything. Gary Kamiya says it better:

And you thought the War on Science was over. Bush appointee Kathie Olsen, who was the deputy director of NSF, and who couldn’t give a straight answer to Senator John McCain when asked about human influences on global warming, might have been “burrowed” into the NSF:

Good for Eric Holder

I’m becoming more enthusiatic about Eric Holder as Attorney General. It’s nice to see some clarity about waterboarding–that is, partial drowning interrogation. From Steve Benen:

I think this description by a former ambassador of hiring practices in the State Department during the reign of Little Lord Pontchartrain explains so much about the last eight years (italics mine):

A Tale of Two Polls

Consider the following:

Here’s another resounding success of the Bush Doctrine. Erm, not so much (italics mine):

Bush Is Restoring Dignity to the White House

Here’s an image that is…unsettling:

Any time there’s a send up of news anchors, disaster coverage, and George Bush, it’s worth watching:

Glenn Greenwald asks a lot of good questions about the recent turns in the anthrax case. I’ll get to Greenwald’s specific questions at the end of the post, but all of Greenwald’s questions could have innocuous answers.