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Israel Has Won

One of the problems I have with the U.S.’s self-appointed Jewish leadership is that too many of them appear to believe that Israel will be annihilated at any moment. In today’s NY Times, Daniel Gavron puts that fear in context:

Remember This Veteran’s Day…

The WarDefense Department claims that ‘only’ 30,000 U.S. servicemen have been wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. But that number is a gross underestimate:

As if outing Valerie Plame, whose primary task was to monitor and contain WMD proliferation in the Middle East–including Iran, wasn’t bad enough, the Bush Administration destroyed another intelligence gathering operation for political gain (italics mine):

What’s one more criminal in the mix, anyway? So what if a government contractor supplied weapons to Liberia’s Charles Taylor and the Taliban (italics mine):

This quote from Fred Kaplan’s Slate article has left me gobsmacked:

…attack Iran. Bartcop describes his correspondence with a U.S. naval officer (via maha–thanks…; italics mine):

Brought to you by Glenn Greenwald:

Yes, I’ve cribbed the title from Chris Hedges’ superb, must-read book, War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning. But Josh Marshall stumbles across a great insight about the Iraq War and Occupation, but doesn’t quite carry through all the way. So the Mad Biologist will. Marshall writes about President Bush (italics mine):

The Anti-Defamation League reversed its previous position that held the genocide of Armenians wasn’t genocide yesterday. Sort of, anyway:

You might have heard of Family Security Matters, a rightwing faith-tank that has been embarrassed by one of their members, Philip Atkinson. He embarased them so thoroughly that FSM has purged all reference to him from its website (more about that, later). So what was the offending passage, given that FSM’s stable of commentators is,…