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How Technology Can Make Movies Obsolete

A couple of weeks ago, I rewatched Memento, a movie about someone who has no long term memory. It’s told from his perspective, moving backwards as he learns what has actually happened. His coping mechanisms are writing notes to himself and on himself, as well as a library of Polaroid pictures. It’s full of suspense,…

Roger Ebert Whacks Expelled

When I read that film critic Roger Ebert was going back to work despite a bout with cancer, I wrote about my hope that he would turn his sights on the creationist screed Expelled.

Sizzle: Needs More Steak

I’m not sure what to make of Randy Olson’s newest movie, Sizzle. One reason is that the first half of the movie is weak.

Roger Ebert to Return to Film Criticism

Film critic Roger Ebert has been fighting cancer, but he’s getting back to work:

I Always Did Like Roger Ebert

From the archives comes this post about movie critic Roger Ebert and the email he sent me.

What’s Up With Lucky Number Slevin?

Last week, I saw the movie Lucky Number Slevin. I thought it was a great movie, and lent to friends, who agreed that it was really well done.

Some Outtakes From a Flock of Dodos

By way of Oliver Willis, I stumbled across these outtakes from the movie Flock of Dodos. I will never stop being amazed by the disingenuousness of the ID movement: