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I know I’m going to sound like a broken record, but, once again, a major part of the stimulus should have been to make up state budget shortfalls, which stemmed from the economic recession. Not only is it good economic policy (what’s the point of the federal government putting people to work, only to have…

This is not the Mad Biologist Or how the Boston Phoenix proves they missed the point of Shepard Fairey’s work (Fairey made the iconic Obama poster). I’ll get to that in a moment, but Sunday, I went to the ICA in Boston to see the Shepard Fairey exhibit. For me, it was a blast from…

Do Blue Dog Dems Even Realize What They Do?

These Twitter feeds, captured by Atrios and written by ‘moderate’ Democrat Claire McCaskill, make it so perfectly clear that many elected officials have no idea how things are funded:

One of the things that has puzzled me about natural history/science museums are the mineralogy exhibits. They really don’t seem to be about anything other than “OOH! SHINY PEBBLE!” Mind you, they often have some very cool and shiny pebbles, but contrast them to paleontology exhibits.

The Boston Public Library has a really interesting exhibit of George Bellows’ drawings. Here’s one drawing, “The Law Is Too Slow”:

Atrios describes one of the hidden, but very important costs of parking, especially in cities–parking:

Clough: Good News for the Smithsonian

The NY Times has a good article about G. Wayne Clough, the new chancellor of the Smithsonian. Clough is definitely a breath of fresh air after former chancellor Lawrence Small who never met an extravagance he wouldn’t make the Smithsonian pay for. First, Clough is setting an example of good conduct:

Corn Was Patriotic…in WWI

While corn, and particularly corn derivatives such as corn syrup and ethanol additives, is seen as the devil, an excellent exhibit of posters at the Boston Public Library portrays a time when corn products were seen as a really good thing:

The Republican War on Art

Lest the humanities feel neglected, the Republican War on Art keeps chugging along. In Bush’s 2009 budget, the arts take massive hits across the board, with the sole exception of much needed maintenance funding of the Smithsonian. But first, by way of the Boston Phoenix, let’s look at the most unconscionable part of the budget:

Whether or not you like maps, if you’re in Boston, you should see this exhibit.