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Some Music for You

I sound like this: I have no idea what’s going through this dog’s mind. Likes singing, I guess.

Heavy Metal Zebra Finches

Admittedly, that would be a great name for a band, but, by way of Yves Smith, I came across this hysterical video of zebra finches (it gets really good past the one minute mark):


Since I’m on-route to a Human Microbiome Project meeting (uncharacteristically, it’s being held in a climate-friendly location–Houston; last year, it was held in Boston. In January.), reviewing this paper about the GEBA project, the Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea, seemed appropriate. Sequencing bacterial genomes not only tells us a lot about the biology of…

This is creepy (italics mine):

The NY Times has a hysterical op-ed piece about the Really Terrible Orchestra, which is “an inclusive orchestra for those who really want to play, but who cannot do so very well. Or cannot do so at all, in some cases.” It’s brilliant.

Not Every Place Is for Sale

A while ago, I wrote about the MBTA’s test program of playing crappy commercial radio over the PA system at Boston subway stops. Because what Boston really needs is government-sponsored noise pollution. After many complaints, the MBTA has decided to shelve the program, for now anyway:

The MBTA in its infinite wisdom has started a pilot program to commercialize the public announcement system at subway stops:

I’m not the only one bothered by Mudcat Saunders’ article about the Metropolitan Opera Wing of the Democratic Party; maha is too. That post is worth a read, but at the end of the post she makes a very good point about preserving culture (italics mine):

I Went to a Fight…

…and a symphony broke out? Who starts a fight at the Boston Pops? From the Globe:

Joan Jett Still Rocks

The best description of Joan Jett ever penned (and from the very uncool NY Times no less):