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I’ve noted before how stupid creationists are when they burble things like ‘mutation is bad.’ Well, a brief story in Nature once again shows just how stupid that whole idea is:

Senator Brownback Is a F-cking Moron

And in other news, dog bites man. Would the NY Times have printed an op-ed allowing a flat-earther to explain why he believes the earth is flat? Because that’s what they did when they ran Brownback’s defense of intelligent design creationism. And there’s nothing original in Brownback’s op-ed either.

About Beneficial Mutations

From the archives comes this bit about the ludicrous (and willful) misunderstanding that creationists have regarding ‘beneficial’ mutations:

To prevent brain damage, the Surgeon General recommends that statements by Michael Egnor be read using approved devices such as the StupidView9000 Orac bravely dives deeper into the Discovery Institute’s creationist drivel, and reports on the continuing ignorant idiocy of Michael Egnor. I don’t know what’s worse: Egnor’s willful ignorance, or his pseudo-victimization complex. Let’s…

And it’s free! Bob Altemeyer, whose work on the authoritarian mind significantly influenced John Dean’sConservatives Without Conscience, has released a free online book, The Authoritarians, which is about, well, authoritarians. Here’s an interesting bit from the book about evolution from Ch. 4:

Conservapedia Mistates Mutation

Some of my fellow ScienceBloglings have written about Conservapedia’s treatment of evolution. What has always puzzled me about creationists is the rather frequent denial of mutation. For example, in the section on macroevolution, titled “Is the theory of macroevolution true?“*–which should tell you what’s to come right away, the entry reads:

Calling All Oncologists

There’s an article in the New Scientist about researchers who are using dichloroacetate (‘DCA’) to treat many different cancers. According to the article, here’s what DCA does:

I See Stupid People: the Mutation Edition

Tara and Revere are both confronting the creationist anti-mutation ‘argument.’ I’ve faced this before regarding antibiotic resistance. I find it ironic that Mike Martin argues against evolution by mutation, when other creationists argue that small mutations happen, but ‘kinds’ are immutable. I wish these guys would figure out which idiocy they plan to adopt.