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I don’t see the need to redescribe the recent paper about the discovery of bacteria that can might replace, in extremis, phosphorus with arsenic, which was overhyped by NASA, was poorly covered by most journalists, and which has compromising methodological problems (for good coverage, read here, here, and here; and snark). But what the paper…

Could We Still Put a Man on the Moon?

Every so often, we hear or read someone who asks, “If we can put a man on the moon, why can’t we do X?” But it’s not so clear that we could still do it if we wanted to: The Apollo and Gemini programs aren’t truly lost. There are still one or two Saturn V…

The Stimulus: Better Than It Looked…

…at one point, anyway. It was good to see Pelosi and the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party hold the line against the Blue Dogs. Anyway, here are some science-, health-, and education-related stimulus increases:

It Looks Like Science Will Be Well Stimulated

From Speaker Pelosi’s office:

More Senator Nelson/Blue Dog Budget Insanity

Via Greg Sargent, we learn that Blue Dog Democrat Senator Ben Nelson is still a repulsive person.

Why Blue Dog Democrats Are Despicable

‘Blue dog’ conservative Democratic Senator Nelson’s list of proposed cuts from the National Recovery and Reinvestment Act was leaked to Huffington Post (the documents are available at TPM). I’ve never understood the Blue Dogs. While conservatives are full blown batshit loony (Tax cuts today! Tax cuts tomorrow! Tax cuts fo’evuh!), there is at least some…

I think NASA director Mike Griffin wants to lose his job (not a good idea these days…):

NASA Scientists Are Terrorist Sexbots

There are no NASA scientists in this picture (from here) Because if NASA scientists do science, the terrorists win. Or something. Over at Culture Kitchen, there’s a good series of posts about the new NASA security procedures that apply to all NASA employees. Parts one and two are worth reading, but the categories of offenses…