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Protect Our Prisons from Terrorists

Friends, this is compassionate conservatism we can believe in:

Saturday Sermon: Post-9/11 Panic Syndrome

A while ago, I mentioned that I like the idea of keeping Sheila Bair on because she didn’t panic like a ninny, unlike most of the other Bushies–who panicked like ninnies about everything. Gary Kamiya says it better:

While most people have focused on the torture part (how could you not with CNN’s cutaway to Bush), I responded the most to this section:

Clean Wastewater and the Naturalist Fallacy

In a very interesting NY Times magazine article about wastewater treatment (no, really, it is worth reading), I came across this passage:

According to Boston’s The Weekly Dig, Massachusetts is casting about for a new state seal. The current one definitely needs improvement: It’s one of the oldest symbols in the US. That may be part of the problem; many think it’s outdated. On Wednesday, the Committee on Tourism, Arts and Cultural Development considers a bill to…

A Nation of Nine-Eleven Ninnies

According to the NY Times’ John Tierney, post-Sept. 11th fear of terrorism might be detrimental to one’s health:

FOX TV Misinformation About MRSA

I have a week off, so I’ve been going to the gym in the morning later than usual. I’m still recovering from the near-lobotomization of morning radio, so I wasn’t prepared for a report on the “superbug” on Fox’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet–think of it as a cheap knockoff of Regis and…

Airport Security and Insulin Pumps

It appears that Logan airport security overreacted a little. From skippy:

John Nichols, in an interview with Bill Moyers, clarifies a very important–and misunderstood–point about impeachment (italics mine):

Over at Hullabaloo, I found this great list of suggested slogans for congressional Democrats: