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Why Blue Dog Democrats Are Despicable

‘Blue dog’ conservative Democratic Senator Nelson’s list of proposed cuts from the National Recovery and Reinvestment Act was leaked to Huffington Post (the documents are available at TPM). I’ve never understood the Blue Dogs. While conservatives are full blown batshit loony (Tax cuts today! Tax cuts tomorrow! Tax cuts fo’evuh!), there is at least some…

At the behest of Our Benevolent Seed Overlords, I recently discussed elitism and how to restore science to its rightful place. I think, though, porn is probably not the best way to do so (italics mine):

And you thought the War on Science was over. Bush appointee Kathie Olsen, who was the deputy director of NSF, and who couldn’t give a straight answer to Senator John McCain when asked about human influences on global warming, might have been “burrowed” into the NSF:

NSF Funding to Be Doubled?

According to the text of HR1 (pdf), NSF will be getting an additional $2.5 billion as part of the ‘stimulus’* package. From HR1 (pp. 54-55):

The Cost of Operation Iraqi Clusterf-ck…

…to me. Or at least, to the residents of my congressional district. MoveOn.org has a district-by-district list of what your congressional district’s contribution to the Iraqi War and Occupation could have bought instead. For me, a resident of Massachusetts’ Eight District:

Why Did NSF Leave Out the Life Sciences?

In the NSF Strategic Plan, the life sciences (i.e., biology) are not included as an area that needs improvement in infrastructure or translation of research into new products. Is it too cynical to think that the Bush Administration purposely left out biology? After all, this is the same administration that has repeatedly altered or removed…