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Another disgusting turn in Attorneygate: only politically correct–that is right wing–federal prosecutors who are murdered are worth the Department of Justice’s time and effort.

Attorneygate: Just How High Does It Go?

The more you stare at this scandal, the more you feel like one of the proverbial blind men trying to figure out what the hell that elephant is. From ThinkProgress, here is what fired US Attorney Carol Lam might have been investigating:

More on Attorneygate

Yesterday, I was a little miffed about the coverage of the growing US Attorney scandal. During said crankiness, I asked how we have reached the point where the legality of an action is the only criterion to use when judging if that action is ethical:

I Told You This Would Happen: Part Deux

I hate being right, but I knew the Mighty Conservative Wurlitzer was going to slime Amanda and Shakes. Before I get to a detailed discussion of the NY Times article about the whole blogger kerfuffle, I have a very simple question.

No Penalty For Lying

Over at Hullabaloo, Tristero describes this conversation with a respected journalist about the manufactured smear of CBS reporter Lara Logan’s coverage of the Haifa Street battle:

Nothing Political Going On Here, Move Along

It would appear that seven U.S. attorneys, some of whom are in the middle of investigating Republicans, have been sacked and replaced by Republican political appointees. Thanks to the Patriot Act, these appointees, regardless of their qualifications, don’t have to be confirmed by the Senate (does Congress even read the legislation they sign? And if…

Suppose you were a very large media corporation, and you found out that some of your radio subsidiaries were espousing specific acts of violence toward other people (last I checked, that’s called terrorism). You would:

Some Democrats Never Learn

While Iraq was the national backdrop for the 2006 elections, individually many campaigns succeeded (or did better than they had any right to do) due to a desire to end corruption (e.g., the Ohio state elections). Yet Rahm Emanuel, head of the DCCC, and the Congressional Black Caucus (‘CBC’) just don’t seem to get that.…

Hoover Institute Swiftboats Nancy Pelosi

There was a time when think tanks on occasion actually thought. Not so, at the conservative Hoover Institute, where Hoover Institution fellow Peter Schweizer slimed Pelosi, claiming she had to explain why her family’s vineyard does not use union employees. Schweizer claimed Pelosi was a hypocrite.

The Republicans Have Lost the War of Ideas…

…because the only things they have left are voter intimidation and cheap tricks. As described by fellow ScienceBloglings coturnix and Josh, the Republicans are calling Democratic voters and either informing them that their polling place has changed or that they will be arrested if they vote illegally (the voters are accused of being out of…