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Digby makes a very good point about the real world effects of conservative propaganda: I’m convinced that one of the mistakes we’ve made over the years is not telling enough stories of real people who were affected by the conservative movement’s deregulation fervor. When they can keep it all abstract and clean it sounds great.…

By way of Atrios, we discover that Google has moved away from its pro-net neutrality position:

John McCain Invented the BlackBerry?

If Al Gore were dead, he would be spinning in his grave:

Spin, Lies, and the Straight Bullsh-t Express

Recently, a loyal reader related to me that the house next door to where I grew up sold at about fifteen percent less than the original asking price (not two years ago, housing prices were still climbing). This slashing of housing prices was euphemistically referred to by the broker as a “price enhancement.” Some might…

“Community Organizers” Is a Dog Whistle

First, Roland Martin attacks Palin for her comments about community organizers: And ScienceBlogling Matt Nisbet has the quote of the day:

Glenn Greenwald’s recent post about the botched anthrax investigation reminds me of a colleague who was investigated by the FBI after the anthrax attacks (and check out the letter claiming that Bruce Ivins was yet another scientist wrongfully accused).

I’ve noted before that the background to the ‘culture wars’ is that white, male, Christian (often Protestant) is no longer the cultural default setting. Regarding religion:

No, Maha, It Isn’t Weird at All

In a very good post about elitism and Republicans, Maha asks:

William Kristol and Nepotism

I had no idea how deeply involved nepotism was in the New York Times’ decision to hire William Kristol as an op-ed writer. From the Greenwald:

So in my blog inbox I received a long piece of propaganda decrying the Universal Service Fund. I like the USF, although I’m sure some improvements could be made. But look at the list of people who sent the letter (italics mine):