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Oops, there’s been another GOP bigot eruption. This time, it’s Michelle Obama who has been called an ape:

“All Labor Has Worth”

From the archives: One of the things that is often neglected on Martin Luther King day is his dedication to economic justice. What is forgotten–often willfully–is that he was an advocate for racial and economic justice. From a speech he gave to striking sanitation workers in Memphis on March 18, 1968 (italics mine):

Regular readers know I’ve been beating this drum since the inception of this blog, but the Krugman says it well:

Thankfully, this seems to be the only case of anti-Obama terrorism–and make no mistake, that’s what cross-burning is, an attempt to intimidate and terrorize people. I’m not sure it took though:

…or one more reason why decent people should vote Democratic. Republican Senator Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania bluntly spells out the only way McCain wins his state:

Apparently, Digby and I are thinking the same thing. In a response to this post about the anti-Obama bear killing, I wrote that I was worried about violence against Obama supporters.

Recently, a McCain campaign spokescritter used the phrase ‘real’ Virginian. Anyone who has lived in the South has heard the phrase ‘real Southerner’ before. What’s despicable about that phrase is that it always refers to white Southerners–African-Americans are completely marginalized and ignored in the definition of a Southerner as if they don’t exist. Given the…

From Fayetteville, NC:

In the midst of the hoopla over how ‘in touch’ Sarah Palin is supposed to be (all her faux personal touches), I came across this speech by a steelworker at an AFL-CIO convention.

If you ever needed evidence for the idea that voters are not rational but rationalizing, this NY Times story about the role abortion might play in Pennsylvania is a clear example (italics mine):