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Terrance at the Republic of T describes what should be obvious about conservative opposition to Social Security, but is not thanks to gormless Democrats and an incompetent political journalist caste (italics original; boldface mine): Maybe that’s why they fought so hard to protect bonuses and compensation for Wall Street banksters. They will likely fight as…

Rape Is a Pre-Existing Medical Condition

This is why private insurance companies should die–or, at the very least, no American should be forced to give these parasites his or her money: Christina Turner feared that she might have been sexually assaulted after two men slipped her a knockout drug. She thought she was taking proper precautions when her doctor prescribed a…

Why Blue Dog Democrats Are Despicable

‘Blue dog’ conservative Democratic Senator Nelson’s list of proposed cuts from the National Recovery and Reinvestment Act was leaked to Huffington Post (the documents are available at TPM). I’ve never understood the Blue Dogs. While conservatives are full blown batshit loony (Tax cuts today! Tax cuts tomorrow! Tax cuts fo’evuh!), there is at least some…

…stop rapists over here. Because fighting them over there isn’t working out so well. If DHS, which was supposed to protect us from terrorism, can go after intellectual property theft, certainly rape falls under its purview.

…never fear, Jon Swift is on the case:

Campus ‘Judicial’ Systems

At this point, it still seems unclear what happened at VA Tech, and like all tragedies, there probably would have been, in hindsight, many places where someone could have intervened and stopped the madness. One area that needs to be examined is the role of campus disciplinary systems.

Hemlines Don’t Rape People, Rapists Do

While one might think that would be pretty obvious, this article suggests otherwise. Whenever when there are discussions online about rape, particularly ‘date rape’, there is usually someone who implicitly or explicitly blames the victim.