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The wackaloons over at Conservapedia have a new project: releasing a new version of the Bible. No, really:

Abortion isn’t the lesser of two evils–it is a just and good thing. So says Reverend Katherine Ragsdale:

A recent post about the idiocy in Fairfax County regarding a student who was expelled for two weeks because she took birth control pills during school received some great comments. But as you might expect, with enough comments, one of the ‘contraception is abortion’ morons showed up (can’t you morons leave me alone during my…

Shouldn’t That Be Judeo-Christian Salt?

In Colorado, someone is very bothered by the idea of kosher salt:

This is the kind of story that makes me sick to my stomach–soldiers stateside were expected by their base commander to applaud for Pastor of Evil Rick Warren:

The War on Christmas: Who Is Leading?

By way of Scienceblogling PZ, I stumbled across a very interesting article by Max Blumenthal about the origins of the ‘War on Christmas.’ This passage stood out (italics mine):

While this letter I found at deals with religiously-motivated intolerance towards gays and lesbians, I think it’s going to be germane (at least tangentially so) to the current stem cell discussion over at What’s New in Life Science:

A War on Christmas Question

Soon it will be the War on Christmas season wherein a bunch of assholes shriek hither and yon complaining that someone somewhere tried to remove a Christmas tree, and that said removal will lead to the Destruction of Judeo-Christian Civilization As We Know It.

If you thought Obama’s minister was a piece of work, get a load of Palin’s church (italics mine):

God Is a Doorknob?

I recommend Christine Wicker’s The Fall of the Evangelical Nation. In it, she describes one of the most devastating forces to hit modern fundamentalism (yes, that’s oxymoronic)…