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I’ve noted before that the background to the ‘culture wars’ is that white, male, Christian (often Protestant) is no longer the cultural default setting. Regarding religion:

By way of a link from Pam’s House Blend to this post, I came across a really good question about funding faith-based initiatives (bold original):

Who woulda thunk it? It’s already well-established that the good souls of the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives had a ‘No Jews need apply’ policy*. Now it turns out that, like so many bigots, they’re also corrupt (italics mine):

I’ve discussed Republican rising star Bobby Jindal’s public support for creationism before. What’s galling is that his idiocy can’t be laid at cognitive deficiency or ignorance. I was in the same graduating class as Jindal, and I know that every biology major had considerable exposure to evolutionary biology.

Recently, I ripped into Kathleen “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein F├╝hrer” Parker for mainstreaming white power garbage. But Gregory Rodriguez makes a good point about the “formal re-articulation of whiteness as a social category and a racial interest group” (italics mine):

Tristero correctly points out those churches that are concerned that they will lose their tax exempt status have a solution to their problems:

Sunday Sermon: Purim, God, and Free Will

One of the interesting things about Purim is that nowhere in the entire book is God mentioned. This is unusual for a religious text, to say the least. Over at South Jerusalem, Haim Watzman describes a sermon about Esther and free will. The whole post is worth a read, but I really liked this part:

When I first read that Amy Sullivan, in honor of her new book, is guest posting at the Washington Monthly, I said to myself, dear Lord, more ‘Democrats need to get religion’ blather. Sadly, I was not disappointed. Already, there’s a book review and a post.

KIDDING. But if you’re in Boston March 24, feel free to drop by the Boston Skeptics first EVAH! meeting and hear me speak.

I believe I did. And on cue, a bigot steps right up (italics mine):