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Romneycare for All!

Granted, the healthcare reform bill is an improvement, at least for the poor Republican welfare states of the South (and they’re ‘real’ Americans too!), but, as I’ve said before, this is a conservative, not centrist, healthcare plan. Brad DeLong: …the essence of the reform — which is that the insurance market has been restructured to…

Well done, Max: People in Massaschusetts are by and large satisfied with the Connector. It’s toughest on the fairly small number of families earning just over 300% of FPL (of which there aren’t that many), and on the larger number of young individuals who make just over 300% of FPL (which is $32,320 for an…

…if he weren’t a fucking moron. One of the books that has gone missing in all of the criticisms of Jonah Goldberg’s ridiculous Democrat-bashing screed Liberal Fascism is Wolfgang’s Schivelbusch’s Three New Deals: Reflections on Roosevelt’s America, Mussolini’s Italy, and Hitler’s Germany, 1933-1939.

Dems, You Don’t Want McCain Knocked Out

…because then it’s either Huckabee or Romney. And both of those guys scare me. I have no idea if Porkgate is even a real scandal, but, if you’re a Democrat, you want to run against McCain. I realize that’s contrary to the conventional wisdom (which, remember, decreed that McCain’s candidacy was circling around the bowl…

On his campaign website, Romney has listed ten incidents that supposedly mean McCain is unstable. Let’s review them:

Poor Mitt: He Sacrifices Gay Children…

…and conservatives still don’t like him. Boo fucking hoo. Here’s how Straight-Talking, honest McCain is sliming the Mittster:

Dems: Romney Is Our Worst Nightmare

Other than Atrios, I’m the only one who thinks Romney would be the hardest Republican for Democrats to beat. Here’s why.

Certain political acts are beyond the pale, such as cutting a teen suicide hotline. Unless they’re gay, then it’s called positioning. In light of the Great Orange Satan‘s and others‘ calls for Michigan Democrats to muck up the Republican race by voting for Romney, I thought revisiting his cuts for a gay suicide teen hotline…

Romney Gives a Reason to Not Vote Republican

A well-developed sense of irony can be a very useful thing to a politician. From Paul Krugman:

Why Democrats Matter: Public Health

The Massachusetts Public Health Association released a statement in July about the new budget for the Department of Public Health (pdf). You’ll notice that most budget items increase: