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Of course, some of us are already there. A long time reader has been saying ever since the first unveiling of the stimulus package that Larry Summers’ poor advice was going to kill the Democrats–and be crappy policy. He’s not the only frustrated one, as word is that Christine Romer, chairman of President Obama’s Council…

I Don’t Deserve This Government, but…

…the morons at Bucky’s Family Restaurant do. From some actual NY Times reporting:

Girly Versus Manly

A tale of two political videos. First, girly:

I often always have many unpublished posts in my cue, so I was going to let my response to Katha Pollitt’s Nation column about the sexism behind a lot of the Senator Clinton bashing slide by, but then I read Amanda’s post about Pollitt’s column. Onto what Pollitt wrote (italics mine):

A Question About Tobias

Friday, Deputy Secretary of State Randall L. Tobias resigned because he had received ‘massages’ from an escort service. One of Tobias’ major effects on U.S. foreign policy was to promote abstinence-only sex education:

A colleague looking to buy Christmas gifts went to the Discovery Channel store page and noticed that boys and girls had two different pages. It’s nice to see that a company supposedly dedicated to scientific inquiry has decided that girls don’t like or want science.