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Brad DeLong puts it very eloquently:

Recently, a McCain campaign spokescritter used the phrase ‘real’ Virginian. Anyone who has lived in the South has heard the phrase ‘real Southerner’ before. What’s despicable about that phrase is that it always refers to white Southerners–African-Americans are completely marginalized and ignored in the definition of a Southerner as if they don’t exist. Given the…

The Willful Ignorance of Joe the Plumber

Last night, “Joe the Plumber” (who’s kinda like Conan the Barbarian, except that he’s not) was featured front and center in the debates. So what did the actual Joe the Plumber think? By way of Jesse Taylor, from Politico:

William Ayers and G. Gordon Liddy

If Obama has a ‘Ayers problem’, why doesn’t McCain have a ‘G. Gordon Liddy problem?’ From Jamison Foser:

Apocalypse John

The horror (definitely not work or child safe):

Clearly, John McCain isn’t reading the blog. Consider this McCain utterance by way of Josh Marshall:

The Brain of McCain Fails Mainly on Spain

So John McCain apparently doesn’t realize that Spain is: 1) not in the Americas; 2) fighting alongside us in Afghanistan and is a NATO ally; 3) not our enemy. Here’s the backstory:

Here’s another resounding success of the Bush Doctrine. Erm, not so much (italics mine):

John McCain Invented the BlackBerry?

If Al Gore were dead, he would be spinning in his grave:

Spin, Lies, and the Straight Bullsh-t Express

Recently, a loyal reader related to me that the house next door to where I grew up sold at about fifteen percent less than the original asking price (not two years ago, housing prices were still climbing). This slashing of housing prices was euphemistically referred to by the broker as a “price enhancement.” Some might…