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A recent poll breaks down the support for McCain and Obama among Jews by denomination:

By now you might have heard about the faux outrage at Gen. Wesley Clark’s obvious statement that being a POW is not a qualification for the presidency–or a disqualification either. As Maha put it:

No, Maha, It Isn’t Weird at All

In a very good post about elitism and Republicans, Maha asks:

The Washington Mandarins are clutching their pearls over this dastardly Democratic ad:

By way of Lindsay, I read that David Corn relates the following about former Republican senator and McCain advisor Phil Gramm (italics mine):

This week, when McCain fired some lobbyists from his campaign, other lobbyists have been complaining how much this hurt them (italics mine):

Magic ponies: they’re not just for Iraq, but healthcare too! (from here) Yesterday, I described how families would pay more under McCain’s healthcare plan. But one point that I neglected to mention is that this is supposed to be a good thing. The logic (of a sort) is that if you end up paying more…

I was going to discuss why I don’t think the STAAR Act is particularly useful for combating antibiotic resistance, but McCain’s healthcare plan is so ridiculously stupid, it requires comment.

I’ve never understood why so many liberals and progressives think the Democratic field is strong. Yes, the candidates aren’t insane, but neither of them are particularly good on economic issues. There is nothing in either Clinton’s or Obama’s records or speeches that suggests that they will do anything significant to reduce income inequality, other than…

John McCain Remembers the Alamo

So, by way of Oliver Willis, I came across the John McCain Is Your New Logo site. Being the Mad Biologist, I decided to combine it with this website, and presto chango: