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So Can I Sue for More Grant Money?

There’s something that has puzzled me about the recent stem cell decision that led to an injunction that prevents the NIH from spending any funds on research involving human embryonic stem cells. I’ve read the decision (pdf), and it appears to be incredibly broad and damaging to NIH funding in general. I could understand an…

Our Benevolent Seed Overlords asked me to comment on this SEED article about New York’s recent legislation that compensates women who donate eggs for research purposes. So I did. Go read it.

Over at What’s New in Life Science, I have a post about embryonic stem cell research. Stop by and make Our Benevolent Seed Overlords happy.

While the talk about symbolism is important, a president actually has to do stuff. I’ve been hoping that somewhere there are a bunch of smart people figuring how to unfuck all the stuff that Little Lord Pontchartrain has fucked up using the power of the Executive Branch (here’s one example)–hell, just coming up with a…

Michael Kinsley sums up the ethical inconsistency of the Blastocyst Liberationists:

Amniotic Stem Cells Used to Grow Heart Valves

Every year in the U.S., thousands of children are born with heart valve defects. Researchers have developed a way to grow heart valves from stem cells in amniotic fluid. From the AP: