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So asks Dave Neiwert (italics mine):

Healthcare Inspired Terrorism?

Even I am speechless over this. You know those terrorists captured a couple of weeks ago in NYC? It appears that at least one of them was motivated by trying to pay for a brother’s liver transplant:

More on Needless Bioterrorism Hysteria

Recently, I wrote about how bioterrorism seems to freak people out needlessly. A Man With a Ph.D. makes some other good points:

Unnecessary Bioterrorism Hysteria

A recent post about the looming specter of bioterrorism by William Lind due to ‘biohacking’ seems overblown to me. But before I get Lind, what I find particularly disturbing about hyping a non-existent bioterror threat is that it makes combating infectious disease–the stuff that kills millions worldwide–much harder due to unnecessary regulations and restrictions. Onto…

By now, you have probably heard of the assassination of Dr. George Tiller, an ob/gyn who performed late-term abortions. Lots of other people have commented on this, but make no mistake about it: this will stem from demonizing abortion. It’s really not that far from Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s sneering about the ‘health of…

Protect Our Prisons from Terrorists

Friends, this is compassionate conservatism we can believe in:

…and both Helmut and the Mad Biologist told you that would be the case over a year ago. From The Washington Post (italics mine):

Good for Eric Holder

I’m becoming more enthusiatic about Eric Holder as Attorney General. It’s nice to see some clarity about waterboarding–that is, partial drowning interrogation. From Steve Benen:

Over at What’s New in Life Science Research, I discuss different ways of being a bioterrorist. Comments are off here, go comment over there.

Was Sully EATED?

I’ve written before about the scourge of turkeys that are terrorizing the greater Boston area. One thing I’ve noticed is that the turkeys have gone missing this year. Apparently, one such turkey named “Sully” (by turkey-loving sympathizers) that established an enclave in South Boston is nowhere to be found: