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Are We Talking About the Same Democrats?

Apparently, Al-Queda is quite…concerned about having Democrats in power. By way of maha, I found this David Ignatius op-ed, who quotes Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradhawi (italics mine):

From the Oxdown Gazette comes this interview transcript with Sarah Palin:

From Fayetteville, NC:

William Ayers and G. Gordon Liddy

If Obama has a ‘Ayers problem’, why doesn’t McCain have a ‘G. Gordon Liddy problem?’ From Jamison Foser:

FBI to Published Anthrax Evidence

This is a good start:

Yesterday, I mentioned my doubts about there being two anthrax strains used in the 2001 attacks. Thanks to an article identified by reader TomJoe, I’m convinced that there was only one anthrax strain involved, if the only evidence for the existence of two strains is that there is a DNA inversion.

In reading this NY Times story about the anthrax investigation, this statement about how the presence of an inversion (a region of flipped DNA) puzzled me (italics mine):

Glenn Greenwald asks a lot of good questions about the recent turns in the anthrax case. I’ll get to Greenwald’s specific questions at the end of the post, but all of Greenwald’s questions could have innocuous answers.

Glenn Greenwald’s recent post about the botched anthrax investigation reminds me of a colleague who was investigated by the FBI after the anthrax attacks (and check out the letter claiming that Bruce Ivins was yet another scientist wrongfully accused).

More DHS follies. In this case, what we have here is a failure to communicate. From a Californian living near the wildfires (the good folks at skippy don’t like capital letters):