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David Broder Defines the Banality of Evil

(from here) And I don’t mean that in a good way. Washington Post columnist and Compulsive Centrist Disorder sufferer, regarding prosecutions for torture, scribbles: It’s one thing to be a stenographer–and a bad one at that. But, as Glenn Greenwald notes, our celebrity press corps goes beyond that:

ScienceBloglings Greg Laden and John Wilkins have discussed whether or not CIA employees complicit in torture should be exempt from prosecution. The debate has revolved around the ‘following orders’ issue. But this misses a key point:

I’ve been meaning to get to this topic after it came up in Obama’s ‘online’ press conference. For me, the argument in favor of legalization is that it would weaken organized crime and that legalization of other popular activities has done so in the past (more on that in a moment). Of course, for some…

…and both Helmut and the Mad Biologist told you that would be the case over a year ago. From The Washington Post (italics mine):

Currently, I’m working on a post about funding and how it’s led to employment problem in science…. Meanwhile, this bit about illegal short selling is jaw dropping. I have no idea of this very long article (pdf) is in tinfoil helmet territory or not, but, if it’s at all accurate, it looks like Jim Cramer…

Good for Eric Holder

I’m becoming more enthusiatic about Eric Holder as Attorney General. It’s nice to see some clarity about waterboarding–that is, partial drowning interrogation. From Steve Benen:

Was Sully EATED?

I’ve written before about the scourge of turkeys that are terrorizing the greater Boston area. One thing I’ve noticed is that the turkeys have gone missing this year. Apparently, one such turkey named “Sully” (by turkey-loving sympathizers) that established an enclave in South Boston is nowhere to be found:

Speaking of Cabinet Selections…

…Janet Napolitano seems like a good choice for Attorney General:

Voter Suppression in Missouri

This story should, if you care at all about the rule of law, make your blood boil: