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I’ve often said on this blog that everything I know about movement conservatives, I learned from watching (and opposing) creationists. One major lesson is that words have no intrinsic meaning: they are simply means to manipulate people for your own goals. Well, Margaret Thatcher, an icon of anti-Communist opposition, admitted: …the destabilisation of Eastern Europe…

Was Sully EATED?

I’ve written before about the scourge of turkeys that are terrorizing the greater Boston area. One thing I’ve noticed is that the turkeys have gone missing this year. Apparently, one such turkey named “Sully” (by turkey-loving sympathizers) that established an enclave in South Boston is nowhere to be found:

No, Maha, It Isn’t Weird at All

In a very good post about elitism and Republicans, Maha asks:

The Swiftboating of Obama Has Begun

By way of maha (and also Roger Ailes the Good), I came across this screed from the conservative National Review’s website (italics mine):

Squooze my fascist, baby! …there’s a good chance we’re both onto something:

…not 9/11. The Bush Administration spied on American citizens without court orders before Sept. 11, 2001. And it didn’t stop the attacks (italics mine):

NASA Scientists Are Terrorist Sexbots

There are no NASA scientists in this picture (from here) Because if NASA scientists do science, the terrorists win. Or something. Over at Culture Kitchen, there’s a good series of posts about the new NASA security procedures that apply to all NASA employees. Parts one and two are worth reading, but the categories of offenses…

About Those Missing WMD in Syria…

Jonathan Hari of TNR bravely went undercover and joined a cruise hosted by the National Review. That is a heroic sacrifice on behalf of the Coalition of the Sane, and no amount of satire could do that lunacy justice. But Norman “the blood of GIs is better than Viagra” Podhoretz brought up that tired canard…

I think the investigative power the Democrats currently wield–and the threat of subpoena–is starting to get to Secretary of State Condoleeza “Ferragamos” Rice. At a press conference today, Rice misidentified Russia (emphasis mine):