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One of the things Massachusetts has done well is supporting the arts. I’ve mentioned before how important the arts are economically, but let’s turn it over to The Boston Phoenix:

This is not the Mad Biologist Or how the Boston Phoenix proves they missed the point of Shepard Fairey’s work (Fairey made the iconic Obama poster). I’ll get to that in a moment, but Sunday, I went to the ICA in Boston to see the Shepard Fairey exhibit. For me, it was a blast from…

Do Blue Dog Dems Even Realize What They Do?

These Twitter feeds, captured by Atrios and written by ‘moderate’ Democrat Claire McCaskill, make it so perfectly clear that many elected officials have no idea how things are funded:

The Republican War on Art

Lest the humanities feel neglected, the Republican War on Art keeps chugging along. In Bush’s 2009 budget, the arts take massive hits across the board, with the sole exception of much needed maintenance funding of the Smithsonian. But first, by way of the Boston Phoenix, let’s look at the most unconscionable part of the budget: