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A lot of my fellow ScienceBloglings have written about the attempts in many Floridian municipalities to weaken biology education, so I won’t waste bandwidth revisiting that here. But what amazed when I read this article about Floridian voters’ views of evolution was the response to the question “Which of the following comes closest to what…

A Nation of Nine-Eleven Ninnies

According to the NY Times’ John Tierney, post-Sept. 11th fear of terrorism might be detrimental to one’s health:

The sound you’re hearing is the heads of everyone who cares about civil liberties going BOOM! According to the AP, the telephone companies cut off the FISA wiretap programs when they weren’t paid on time:

Jonathan Schell has recently written a superb book about the history of the nuclear age, The Seventh Decade: The New Shape of Nuclear Danger. What Schell does is expose a lot of the hidden assumption underlying the discussion surrounding nuclear disarmament and nuclear proliferation (which as he notes are intertwined). Here’s a small taste:

FOX TV Misinformation About MRSA

I have a week off, so I’ve been going to the gym in the morning later than usual. I’m still recovering from the near-lobotomization of morning radio, so I wasn’t prepared for a report on the “superbug” on Fox’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet–think of it as a cheap knockoff of Regis and…

What’s one more criminal in the mix, anyway? So what if a government contractor supplied weapons to Liberia’s Charles Taylor and the Taliban (italics mine):

Airport Security and Insulin Pumps

It appears that Logan airport security overreacted a little. From skippy:

Saturday Sermon: Maha on Non-Violence

Maha on how violent resistance often fails over the long run:

…attack Iran. Bartcop describes his correspondence with a U.S. naval officer (via maha–thanks…; italics mine):

Yes, I’ve cribbed the title from Chris Hedges’ superb, must-read book, War Is a Force That Gives Us Meaning. But Josh Marshall stumbles across a great insight about the Iraq War and Occupation, but doesn’t quite carry through all the way. So the Mad Biologist will. Marshall writes about President Bush (italics mine):