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The Cost of Operation Iraqi Clusterf-ck…

…to me. Or at least, to the residents of my congressional district. has a district-by-district list of what your congressional district’s contribution to the Iraqi War and Occupation could have bought instead. For me, a resident of Massachusetts’ Eight District:

This Person Needs to Pay More Taxes

(from here) While reading this NY Times article about houses in Newport, RI, I saw the above picture and thought, “That would be a really nice house to live in.” Then my head exploded as I read the caption:

Oh God, McCain Is the Sane One

Last night, the Republican presidential candidates were asked what they would do in a “24” situation. Intelligent Designer help us, but McCain (and Paul) were the only sane ones.

Sunday Sermon: Freeman Dyson on Total War

Many of you will know of Freeman Dyson as a world-class physicist. But he was also assigned to RAF Bomber Command during World War II. Here are his thoughts on bombing of urban areas, from Disturbing the Universe:

What the hell is this? …than develop a new radiation warning symbol? According to the IAEA, the old symbol had “no intuitive meaning and little recognition beyond those educated in its significance.” OK, then. But I’m going to miss this guy:

Buckling under to conservative pressure to find the non-existent evidence that Saddam Hussein had, in fact, been building weapons of mass destruction, about a year ago, the Bush Administration placed online documents from the Saddam Hussein era that provided technical information on building various nuclear devices. Quoth the Grey Lady:

Let me state something very clearly: I do not want a U.S. city (or any other city for that matter) wiped out by a nuclear bomb. Having said that, we the hawks among us have lost all sense of historical perspective when it comes to Iran. When you compare the Cold War to what ever…