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More fallout from Bushist apparatchik Monica Goodling. Her political hackery weakened our ability to prosecute terrorists:

Who woulda thunk it? It’s already well-established that the good souls of the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives had a ‘No Jews need apply’ policy*. Now it turns out that, like so many bigots, they’re also corrupt (italics mine):

I believe I did. And on cue, a bigot steps right up (italics mine):

I think Amanda’s take on Amy Sullivan’s denigration of the term pro-choice is pretty dead on. But something else about that interview bothered me, and it was Sullivan’s need for religious validation from political figures and parties. In the interview, Sullivan says:

Evangelicals, Evolution, and Kristof

I really wasn’t going to bash Kristof over his recent apologia for evangelicals. I’ve done so before, and I didn’t really see the point in doing so again. But, by way of ScienceBlogling James Hrynyshyn, I came across Kristof’s response to some of the criticism he has received (in bold is his synopsis of a…

Why Former Nazis Shouldn’t Be Popes

Because what’s a little intolerance among ‘friends’:

Poor Mitt: He Sacrifices Gay Children…

…and conservatives still don’t like him. Boo fucking hoo. Here’s how Straight-Talking, honest McCain is sliming the Mittster:

Abortion and the First Amendment

I happy to see that others are coming around to the idea that the abortion debate is ultimately about the establishment of religion (italics mine):

Certain political acts are beyond the pale, such as cutting a teen suicide hotline. Unless they’re gay, then it’s called positioning. In light of the Great Orange Satan‘s and others‘ calls for Michigan Democrats to muck up the Republican race by voting for Romney, I thought revisiting his cuts for a gay suicide teen hotline…

What Is Obama Thinking?

If memory serves me correctly, Senator Obama was counting on the ‘youth’ vote* as his secret weapon. That’s fine, but then why on earth would Obama court virulent anti-gay bigots, especially when younger voters of all political affiliations are the most likely to be tolerant of gays? This certainly won’t help him in the primaries.…