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A Creationist Spills the Beans

Since I’m speaking at Harvard today*, I thought sharing this bit from Hanna Rosen’s God’s Harvard would be appropriate (and it’s a fascinating read). The president of Patrick Henry College, whose mission is “to prepare Christian men and women who will lead our nation and shape our culture with timeless biblical values and fidelity to…

We likes Ann Coulter!!! Professional provocateur Ann Coulter in an interview on MSNBC advocated the conversion of the Jews (italics mine):

And some Republicans wonder why most Jews don’t vote Republican. Well, conservative talk radio is one answer. Here’s what conservative talk radio host Mike Rosen has to say:

Right-Wing Militarists Beat Father of Marine

If “Gathering of Eagles” needs a new emblem, this one is currently available At the recent anti-war protest in Washington D.C., a pro-war group known as “Gathering of Eagles” assaulted Carlos Arredondo, a father of a Marine killed in Iraq:

(from here) Just a thought.

Via LiveScience comes this interesting story about gay relationships during medieval times (italics mine):

The Hypocrisy of the Sen. Craig Scandal

No, not Senator Craig’s hypocrisy. The conservative commentariat’s. Glenn Greenwald beats me to the punch (italics mine):

Message to Senator Larry Craig

(from here) I think he needs to hear this.

When I Wrote…

…”Fellow liberals, never forget that fifty years ago, this man would have been lynched. Progressives and liberals are the reason he isn’t lynched today”, the picture below is exactly what I was talking about:

No, that’s not an inappropriate joke. The conservative Polish government is worried that the Teletubbies might turn Polish youth into TEH GAY: