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…and both Helmut and the Mad Biologist told you that would be the case over a year ago. From The Washington Post (italics mine):

Good for Eric Holder

I’m becoming more enthusiatic about Eric Holder as Attorney General. It’s nice to see some clarity about waterboarding–that is, partial drowning interrogation. From Steve Benen:

Torture: I Hate It When I’m Right

Tristero, who is also disgusted by Bush’s de facto admission that he authorized torture, writes (emphasis original):

Torture Is Never an Isolated Event

Since torture seems to be under discussion by the A-list bloggers, I want to follow up on a point Helmut made in his Congressional testimony about torture. Simply, it is this: if torture is truly used as an interrogation technique, and not to fulfill a psychological need or as terrorism, it can not be an…

Helmut is one of those bloggers who doesn’t get the credit he deserves. Well, helmut spoke to Congress about torture which hopefully makes up for that (bold original; italics mine):

Instead of focusing on partial drowning interrogation during the hearings for the attorney general, John Dean tells us what Congress should be doing. From Talking Points Memo:

Reframing ‘Waterboarding’

I am in utter awe of the brilliant reframing of ‘waterboarding’ by the Kenosha Kid:

In an excellent post about torture, Amanda Marcotte concludes:

The Washington Post has an excellent story about the WWII interrogators of high level Nazis. Unlike the minions of Little Lord Pontchartrain, they managed to gather intelligence without torture:

Maha Speaks (About Burma)…

…and you listen. maha writes why the U.S. won’t do anything to aid the saffron revolution in Burma (italics mine):