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Myanmar: This Is What Courage Really Looks Like

Protester in Myanmar (from here) I don’t have much to add about the situation in Myanmar; maha has some good posts about it, along with AmericaBlog. But the above picture is a study in contrasts.

Oh God, McCain Is the Sane One

Last night, the Republican presidential candidates were asked what they would do in a “24” situation. Intelligent Designer help us, but McCain (and Paul) were the only sane ones.

Suppose you were a very large media corporation, and you found out that some of your radio subsidiaries were espousing specific acts of violence toward other people (last I checked, that’s called terrorism). You would:

Update on Anti-Union Brutality in Houston

Maybe they won’t beat us in prison if they think we’re white, not Latino I was going to update this post about the Houston police who used horses to break up a peaceful union demonstration. But the way the police treated the union members once in custody is so awful, it deserves its own post.…

Meanwhile, Habeas Corpus Is Dead

Did you ever think in 1999 that Congress would pass a bill, and that a President would sign a bill that eliminates habeas corpus at the whim of the president? I sure as hell didn’t. This is why the utter warping of our political system by the mindless Christopath Uruk-hai, the anti-gay bigots, and the…

Torture and Willy Pete

Over at Hullabaloo, tristero argues that the moral argument against torture, rather than the utilitarian one, is the argument to use. It reminds me of something Hunter wrote about the use of white phosphorous in civilian areas:

The Tripoli Six and the Republican Torture Bill

Many of my fellow ScienceBloglings have discussed the six foreign healthcare workers (the ‘Tripoli Six‘) who are falsely accused of infecting Libyan children (Jake, Orac, Tara, Razib, David, coturnix, Kevin, Janet, Revere, John, Abel). Apparently, some have ‘confessed’ to doing this. Why did some of the six foreign healthcare workers in Libya claim that they…

Restless In the Heartland

Here’s what the mayor of Salt Lake City, UT said yesterday. You would think he’s one of those Northeast liberal elitist, latte-drinkin’ types…

So, an evangelical group has come out against the National Religious Campaign Against Torture because it’s focusing on Guantanamo, and not repressive regimes. There are several reasons why that’s an idiotic argument to oppose the NRCAT: Just because another country does more torture or more awful forms of torture does not excuse our behavior. If…