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Links 8/16/10

Alford: What Kind of Science Should Economics Be When It Grows Up? (actually mentions physics envy among other things) Why are there so few female chess grandmasters? Living fossils don’t exist… Other: Michal Kalecki – The Political Aspects of Full Employment (long, but very good) Identifying Psychopathic Fraudsters: These Men Know ‘Snakes in Suits’ Resisting…

Links 8/9/10

8…9…10? Were I Deepak Chopra, I would, no doubt, find some deep, mystical significance in today’s date. But I’m the Mad Biologist, so I’ll just leave you with some links. Science: Save the Whale Poop An introduction to the microbiome ‘Poo-powered’ car seen on the streets of Bristol. But is there panic on the streets…

Links 7/16/10

How Microbes Defend and Define Us To Repel Mosquitoes, Use a House Fan Researchers create ‘lesbian’ mice by deleting a single gene Other: It’s Not You: Work IS Getting Worse Tax Cuts Are Sacred

Links 7/9/10

I’m ready for Friday. Maybe I’ll relaxed with a nice, cold…set of links! Science: The short life expectancy of longevity genes (?) Cups, Buckets, Pools, and Puddles: When the Flood of Papers Won’t Abate, Which Do You Choose? 10 Crazy-Looking New Deep-Sea Creatures Serious flaws revealed in “longevity genes” study Other: Saving the system to…

For a while now, I’ve been arguing that when it comes to lending, caveat mutuor should be a guiding principle. After all, no one held a gun to these guys heads and said, “Make me a shitty loan now!” And these guys were supposed to know how to assess housing loan risk–it’s what they do.…

Saturday Links

Saturday links. With Extra Bonus Video! Science: The Spotless Garden Australia uses cat food in fight against cane toads The Mushroom that Sleeps with the Fishes The Basques may not be who we think they are Climate change affecting Kenya’s coffee output What average genetic variation can tell us (or not) Other: Mule Variations Our…

Monday Links

Merry Monday. Some links for you. Science:

Friday Links

Here are some links to start your weekend goofing-off. Science:

Monday Links

Merry Monday! Science links first:

Housing prices suck. In fact, they suck worse than they did last month. But the good news is that the rate at which the suckitude is increasing is slowing (this is the second derivative). From The Washington Post: