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…for pedestrians? The Boston Globe reports that Boston is trying to implement a citywide bike sharing program:

This is not the Mad Biologist Or how the Boston Phoenix proves they missed the point of Shepard Fairey’s work (Fairey made the iconic Obama poster). I’ll get to that in a moment, but Sunday, I went to the ICA in Boston to see the Shepard Fairey exhibit. For me, it was a blast from…

Sunday Sermon: Building Surburbia Prediction

I recently finished Dolores Hayden’s Building Suburbia, and I recommend it highly.

One of the things that I don’t write about much on the blog, but that I do follow with great interest is urban planning and transportation (yes, I need new hobbies). Among the glitterati of blogtopia (and, yes, skippy invented that phrase), there’s a lot of discussion of how to develop better transporation policy. I…

Atrios describes one of the hidden, but very important costs of parking, especially in cities–parking:

Skyscrapers as Farms: “Skyfarming”

Photo: Architectural Design by Rolf Mohr; Modeling and Rendering by Machine Films; Interiors by James Nelms ­Digital Artist @ Storyboards Online A while back, I posted about apartment buildings that double as farms. New York magazine has a really interesting article about urban skyscrapers that would function as vertical hydroponic farms.

Liberals: Embrace Local Government?

While I’m away on vacation, here’s one from the wayback machine about how Democrats might actually want to try throwing money at people who support them, as opposed to those who hate them:

The Politics of Water Consumption

Tom Engelhardt asks the question I’ve wondered about Atlanta’s drought: what happens if there literally is no more water? Unfortunately, there don’t appear to be any answers.

The MBTA in its infinite wisdom has started a pilot program to commercialize the public announcement system at subway stops:

The Environmental Cost of Parking

Salon.com has a really interesting article about the hidden and expensive costs of parking. There’s lots of interesting stuff in the article, but this bit really stood out (italics mine):