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…the rest of us. Shorter version: you are an ambulatory germ dispersal unit, so be responsible. I try to make it a regular habit to go through the ScienceBlogs 24-hour feed, and in doing so, I came across this post by ScienceBlogling Jason Rosenhouse talking about his experience with what might have been TEH SWINEY…

The CDC’s expert committee has released its recommendations for who should receive the swine flu vaccination (TEH SWINEY FLOO!):

I hope the swine flu outbreak focuses attention on the importance of vaccination.

Re Swine Flu: Thank You, Marc

For keeping the big picture in mind when it comes to influenza–as the CDC decides to proceed with seasonal influenza vaccine production:

Actually, he didn’t. He interviewed anti-vaccinationist Jenny McCarthy. Which is worse. Here’s one small dose of stupidity:

In the midst of the Conservative War on Contraception, there’s a broader assault by conservatives on public health initiatives. At Salon, Alex Koppelman does a good job rebutting the conservative opposition to vaccination, infection control, and figuring out if someone has AIDS (further fisking is available from IDSA). There’s no reason to repeat this fine…

There are two excellent papers in the August edition of Emerging Infectious Diseases (open access) about influenza that suggest alternative (or parallel) ways of dealing with an influenza pandemic (note: by “alternative”, I don’t mean woo). The standard response that is typically discussed is an influenza vaccine–and I’ve mentioned before how important it is to…

Amanda: “I Love Vaccines”

Someone I knew who wasn’t Jewish, once asked me what I could do to stop anti-Semitism. I responded that, if combating anti-Semitism is solely the responsibly of Jews, then we’re done for. The point being that you need more than a small minority to fight what is. I’ve often thought the same about the War…

Several of my fellow ScienceBloglings have noted that the increase in measles cases is due to idiots who refuse to get vaccinated. Beyond the obvious health threat this represents, there is a more subtle, yet equally murderous effect of all of this anti-vax woo.

Well, I feel better about voting for Obama already. Actually, what’s sad is that she really doesn’t support the vaccination leads to autism position: