Why Is Arianna Huffington a Murderous Idiot?

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I think The Huffington Post has outdone itself on the bullshit factor. We now have all-encompassing metawoo. Consider this about the supposed harm that our current methods of teaching science inflict upon the young: When educators try to inculcate children with the scientific method, the main legacy of traditional science, the outcome is often an…

More on Fake HuffPo Pseudo-Experts

ScienceBlogling PalMD does a good job of eviscerating the false claims of expertise by woo practioner ‘Dr.’ Patricia Fitzgerald and the rest of the witch doctors over at The Huffington Post, so I thankfully don’t have to (so many fucking morons, so little Mad Biologist…). But PalMD neglected to mention one thing about ‘Dr.’ Patricia…

I was going to let the latest Huffington Post idiocy about antibiotics causing cancer go unremarked since Orac slaughtered it, but then I read the comments and became mad. Really Mad. First, this from the book promotion masquerading as an article: