Mixing Memory

Welcome, Neurontic! Oh, and Some Other Stuff

Apparently, there’s another new brain blog on ScienceBlogs, though I only learned about it because Bora linked to it. So, a warm welcome to Neurontic.

While I’m linking to other SBers, Shelley of Retrospectacle has a nice interview with Irene Pepperberg, the parrot lady. It looks like Dr. Pepperberg could use some help, funding-wise, so if you’re still not sure what to get people for Christmas, you might think about buying them an Alex t-shirt.

Finally, in comments to yesterday’s post on cussing and memory, Michael of Peripersonal Space mentioned this paper in which memory for the location that taboo were presented on the screen was better than memory for the location of neutral words. So, as Michael notes, not only does cussing help you to remember words and source, it also helps you remember location. I’m starting to think that with all these memory benefits, educators should start integrating lots and lots of swear words into their lessons. (Not really. If you’re an educator, please don’t take that advice.)