Mixing Memory

Robert Solomon

I just learned, via Brian Leiter’s blog, that Robert Solomon has died. I have been a big fan since I was an undergrad, especially because his book In the Spirit of Hegel helped me to break the “Hegel code” that makes Hegel so unreadable to many. In fact, it wasn’t very long ago that I had a short email conversation with Dr. Solomon about that book. I also enjoyed From Rationalism to Existentialism, What Nietzsche Really Said (which he wrote with Kathleen Higgins), and Living With Nietzsche, all three of which are good introductions to their subjects, especially for those who aren’t all that philosophically inclined. He had an uncanny ability to explain in very plain and clear language concepts and ideas the original authors of which had described in extremely esoteric and muddy language. It was a gift that I wish more philosophy professors had. So I’m very sad to hear that he’s passed away.