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The Amazing Color Changing Card Trick

Cool video (via Bill Benzon over at The Valve: A bit more below the fold, but only after you watch the video.

Republicans and Sunspots

Someone over at Real Climate has way too much free time.

More Little League Pics

From the proud papa. First, the league’s best right fielder: He hasn’t let a ball past him all year. Granted, no balls have been hit to him this year, but that’s neither here nor there. Next up, at the plate. Notice the bent knees, with the elbow up. That’s pretty good form for a beginner…

The Blues in Russian

Blues in Russian"> More »

The story of research on linguistic relativity can be summarized thusly: early cognitive scientists, inspired by the work of Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf, were all-too eager to find that thought is influenced, if not determined, by language (either by its grammatical categories, ala Whorf, or by the words we use). Their enthusiasm caused them…

Implicit Racial Bias in NBA Referees

Even though study after study has shown that implicit race bias is pretty much ubiquitous in American society, I’m still occasionally surprised when a study comes out demonstrating it in an area I hadn’t previously thought about. That was the case when a friend emailed me a New York Times article on a study of…

Emotion Study

Jeremy Dean of PsyBlog is doing another online study, this time on emotions, and he needs participants. So if you have about 10 minutes, and you’d like to participate in some real live research, click here and follow his instructions.