Mixing Memory


Taking a break from my mini-hiatus. I watched Barry Bonds hit his 755th tonight, live. It was a historic occasion, but judging by the fans’ reaction, the commissioner’s reaction (did he mouth “no” as the ball landed in the left field seats?), and his teammate’s subdued congratulations, I wasn’t alone in feeling sad and disappointed. I’m a Braves fan, a Hank Aaron fan, and most importantly, a baseball fan, and while Bonds should go down in history as a great hitter, the fact that he’s a jerk, and that he almost certainly became a power hitter through the use of steroids (I say almost because no one’s proved anything, but if he didn’t do steroids, the medical textbooks are going to have to be revised), makes his sharing, and soon owning the most hallowed record in the sport depressing. So if you’re feeling depressed like me, I recommend watching the greatest home run hitter of all time hit his 715th.

Hank Aaron’s 715th Career HR



  1. #1 razib
    August 5, 2007

    well, honestly, i do feel like a tard for not being more skeptical of sosa & mcguire’s 1998 ‘race.’ griffey fizzled during those years, but it hindsight it looks like the reasoning was just that he was clean during a time when all the other ball players were roided up.

  2. #2 Chris
    August 5, 2007

    Griffey just couldn’t stay healthy. Perhaps his lack of steroid use in the steroid era had something to do with that, but once you get injury problems like that, chances of breaking endurance records like 755 drop to nil.

  3. #3 Richard
    August 5, 2007

    I feel the same. Thanks for the visual spoonful of Hank Aaron truth and dignity medicine. Nice tasting , goes down easy and leaves me with a sense of great well being.

  4. #4 razib
    August 5, 2007

    *nod* yeah, i don’t think griff had a shot. that being said, i remember feeling “bad” for him in 1998 as he started to lose in the “race” with mcguire and sosa came on strong.

  5. #5 Bill Benzon
    August 5, 2007

    Here’s an interesting paper that’ll give you something to think about re steroids:


  6. #6 Mr. Person
    August 5, 2007

    You saw those stats at the beginning, right? He hit that off a leftie.

    Looked like the catcher knew exactly where it was going. Absolutely beautiful.

  7. #7 Chris
    August 5, 2007

    Mr. Person, I did. That was #207… heh.

    I think everyone knew where that was going when they heard the sound of the bat hitting the ball. Music.

  8. #8 CA
    August 8, 2007

    Bill Benzon, I’ll have to see a double blind crossover trial before I’ll beleive there is no effect from steroids. And it may be that some players are helped more than others. I hope no IRB will approve such a study.

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